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  1. SCANS

    Curator Katherina Zueva about a project of Nikita Shokhov

  2. Nikita Shokhov has graduated from the Rodchenko Art School in Moscow. Being a student of Igor Mukhin, he works in the field of documentary photography, while violating all the laws of the genre in his every new series. It seems like the usual view on the surrounding reality does not allow the artist to explore and investigate it properly. To think within the plain, straight photography is too narrow for the artist. Hence, we see experiments of Shokhova with the montage and use of sophisticated lighting and filters during reportage shootings.

    In one of the current projects, the Scan, launched in 2013, Nikita uses a special shooting technique that employs a scanner. In the view of the photographer as always - the crowd, procession, the human mass. May Day demonstrations of the Communists, the opposition rallies, sacred procession, parades in celebration of the Victory Day. The new technique makes it possible to condense the time inside, to grab complex and changing states of the object in the picture frame.  On the other hand, saturating snapshot with time, Shokhov erases all personal traits, all the features of an independent or sharp judgment. Time seems to slur/smooth the details of life and only the energy of the movement of the masses is left.

    Looking around, Shokhov uses the "distorting mirror" of his new optics, probably, in hope that it can help to correct the reality that seems to go somehow wrong. But in the end, this "minus and minus" gives even a more negative sign.
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