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  2.  Auditions: "THE WOMAN" - black female - 40-50's

     Auditions: "THE WOMAN" - black female - 40-50's


    We are international art group starting the production of VR 360 short film in Bloomington. It is an experimental visual project, based on both a new play and African-American experience. 

    To audition please submit an application with your headshot and full body picture, CV (if available) and your social media profiles (if available) per email.

    Produced with support of Indiana Humanities Council, Indiana University, Ivy Tech Waldron Arts Center, Puffin Foundation, and Blockhouse Studios.


    Production title: The Klaxon

    Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

    Production Type: Independent

    Project length: short film 47 minutes

    Project format: Virtual Reality 360 cinema

    Production locations: Bloomington, IN

    Director: Nikita Shokhov

    Website: http://nikita-shokhov.com/

    Playwright: Justin Howe

    Producers: Anna Evtiugina, Kaila Austin

    Audition Location: IU campus

    Compensation: yes

    Email: klaxonauditions@gmail.com


    The protagonist [The WOMAN] of this story is an African-American woman struggling, and finally finding a way, to accept her cultural, social, and personal identity.

    Through her monologue we learn about milestones of her life. She grew up in a small town in coastal New England. Her seemingly-magical best friend, a twelve year old black girl she met one summer, passed away for reasons unknown. She moved at twenty to a big city, where she wrote poetry and modeled for painters. This led her later to her own successful painting career, but at some point she felt her mind was in the wrong body.

    Reflecting now, as an adult, on different periods of her life, she recognizes her double consciousness as a black person in white America, and that the dead friend of her childhood memories is her oppressed blackness. She opens at last a path to free herself of her self-limitations.


    The protagonist in her late forties-early fifties played by two actors [1,2]. Performing experience is desirable. The role has a lot of monologues.

    1. [“The WOMAN”] [African-American or mixed] 

    [AGE: 40-55]

    2. [“The WOMAN”] [White] [AGE: 40-55]

    The protagonist in her twenties played by two other actors [3,4]. Performing experience is desirable. 

    3. [“The WOMAN”] [African-American or mixed] [AGE: 20-27]

    4. [“The WOMAN”] [White] [AGE: 20-27]

    5. [“The PAINTER”] [White male] [AGE: 35-45]

    6. [“THEY”] [all ethnicities] [AGE: 20-80] - 18 people

    “THEY” people exist in an abstract space and represent the conservative society. Performance experience and trained voice are not required.


    Auditions: September 27-30, 12-21 PM

    Shootings: 4th week of October 2017